“Copyright is for Losers” – Rupert Grey

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Chobi Mela V Ends Today

By the time I upload this post to my blog, the lights at all the galleries celebrating the fifth bi-annual international photography exhibition (the biggest in South Asia) have been switched off. The volunteers have submitted the badges, the spare posters are being rolled and the coordinators are busy packing things up. The artists who […]


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Sabhanaz Rashid Diya – petnamed Picklette through her ‘performance literature’ affiliations with Brine Pickles at The British Council – is a mass of hyperness. She is currently enrolled in first semester at Independent University, Bangladesh and plans to major in Media & Communication eventually.

20, deeply fascinated by the mechanics of A380 and insanely attached to black and white; she also shares a passion for urban portraiture in high contrast B&W. She is actively involved in community service with her youth organization, 1° Initiative and delves into music that plays with her moods.

This blog is a record of her experiences at the biggest South-Asian photography festival – Chobi Mela V – that is taking place at Dhaka between January 30 to February 20 2009. Many of the interviews and writings that will be available at this blog will be published at Rising Stars (The Daily Star) on Thursdays over the next 4 weeks.

You can contact Picklette at rhythmofblues[at]gmail.com